Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Boom in the Promised Land

A few weeks ago, TBE executive director Steve Lander was blessed with a new grandchild in Israel. This week, we've got two more blessed events to note.

Liza Elisha, who was counselor to the kids on some of our recent Israel Family Adventures, and beloved by everyone, had a baby girl last Wednesday. Liza reports that "The delivery of the baby was very hard but the outcome is worth anything. I am recovering these days, at my parents' house. Not easy but so happy!!! I will send some pictures soon..."

Liza can be reached at

And my niece Luz, who you may recall was married last summer, gave birth to a baby boy at Hadassah hospital on Tuesday. It was a difficult delivery but everyone seems to be doing well now. So that makes my sister a proud grandmother, and my mom a great grandmother... but as for "great uncle"... I think I'll just ask the baby to call me "Josh."

And we also had a baby born locally this past week, a son for the UJF's Patty Goldstick.

Mazal tov to all!

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