Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Super Israel Apps

Thanks to those nice people at Verizon, I was just able to purchase my first iPhone, and instantly, I've been introduced to the world of apps and, predictably, I've been going to town. Here are some that can help you feel so close to Israel that you'll almost be able to smell the falafel.

1) Tune In Radio - is well worth the 99 cents, and then some. You can listen to - and record - radio stations from all over the world, including many from Israel. I was listening to "live" Israeli music in my car the other day. Plus, you can search for the Israel Radio (IBA) English News and hear it live or on demand, three times daily.
2) Israel MFA - Government press releases, daily summaries of newspaper editorials, a valuable resource

3) Israel News - Feeds from all the major English newspapers, including the Jerusalem Post, Ha'aretz and Ynet.

4) Israel Money - See daily how the Almighty Shekel is dancing circles around the dollar these days, plus Israeli stocks and other business news.

5) Hebrew Translator - מתרגם בין עברית ואנגלית

6) Jerusalem City Walks - Take a tour without leaving the couch, or use this when in Jerusalem for self-guided tours.

7) Angels and Demons: Jewish Magic Through the Ages - Current exhibit at Jerusalem's Bible Lands Museum. Beautifully done, with photo galleries and audio guide.

8) Fooducate - Fooducate is the latest darling of the Israeli iPhone app scene. And it's healthy to boot. The concept is simple: before you buy a product at the grocery store, check out what's really in it. If its bite is worse than its crunch, Fooducate will suggest an alternative that's better for your body (if not for your pocketbook).

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