Friday, November 11, 2011

Shlomo Carlebach z'l, Vintage Concert Recording

This evening we'll commemorate the yahrzeit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, incorporating some of his melodies and stories into our Shabbat service. On the website of the Carlebach Shul in NY, the following passage echoes our own philosophy:

Our secret is rooted in two fundamental Torah teachings: Neshama Yeteira, a special soul we receive on Shabbos, and Lechem Mishnah, the two loaves of bread we have to Shabbos commemorating the double portion of Manna we received in the desert for Shabbos. Finding the special Shabbos souls who are hungry for G-d (the Neshama Yeteira) and feeding them the double portion (Lechem Mishnah) is our goal. Indeed, in order to reach the lofty goal of a "never-ending Shabbos," The Carlebach Shul, together with its rabbi, is dedicated to bringing Reb Shlomo's Torah teachings to Jews of all backgrounds in an atmosphere of warmth and joy.

On this his yahrzeit, I am pleased to release to the public for the first time this vintage recording of a concert featuring Reb Shlomo, recorded on a stormy night in Nov. 1972 at my home shul, Kehillath Israel in Brookline, Mass. It also features my father, Cantor Michal Hammerman z'l and Cantor Alex Zimmer (and my mom at the piano). Carlebach begins about 35 minutes in. See the program here.

My dad brought Reb Shlomo to Brookline as part of the local Jewish Music Forum. The recording features not only some of his famous melodies, but his inimitable storytelling style. My father had the concert taped but this was not a professional recording (there is some unevenness in the sound); this tape was never mass produced or released. Until now. Click on the player below or you can access the concert here.

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