Friday, November 25, 2011

Toldot, Black Friday and Impulse Buying

Click here for our Parsha Packet of study materials for this Shabbat morning's Torah discussion. The topic is instant gratification, which has great relevance to the portion (see: Esau and the birthright) and Black Friday. How much is impulse buying necessary for the growth of our economy? Should that be considered a virtue or a vice? What of Esau's impulsive makeup can be corroborated given modern psychological research? How do traditional commentators react to those character traits? And what in the world does all this have to do with Nimrod (thy guy, not the sandals) and the soon-to-go under Feline's Basement.

For a hint to that last answer, some of my fondest childhood memories (not) involve going with my mother to the aforementioned bargain hunter's paradise and watching civilized people fighting over a marked down garment at the bottom of a large pile of clothing. A bunch of Esaus bargain hunting.

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