Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Special Request

I've received this request, which I am happy to share, from TBE congregant Claudia Lubin, on behalf of a relative of hers.

Dear Friends,

I am writing you on behalf of my niece Talia.  Talia is an amazing young woman.  She is twenty years old and a student at the University of Oregon. She wants to study film in graduate school.  She is warm, beautiful, funny, vibrant and loving young lady, who I love dearly. At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with  Type One Diabetes.  She has been living with this horrible disease for almost six years.

It's been a hard road for Talia with every day holding some new challenge to staying healthy and safe. As she continues to struggle with diabetes, one of the major life-threatening challenges in her day to day care is the side effect of her body not being able to detect when her blood glucose level is rapidly rising or dropping. Unfortunately, there aren't many treatment options for this and the ones that do exist are very expensive. The only one that exists for her is a diabetic alert dog. A "DAD" is a very special service dog that would smell the chemical changes in her blood and alert her to a high or low blood glucose level up to thirty minutes before it happens. This dog could save her life. Talia has started a fundraising campaign on in the hopes of one day soon being able to adopt one of these amazing dogs.  As of today she is half way to her financial goal of $20,000, the cost to adopt and train a DAD.

I'm coming to you today to ask for your support of Talia's campaign. You can help in two ways. First, you can donate - any amount helps. Just click this link: and it will take you straight to her fundraising campaign page at You can read all about her experience, the campaign, and what goes into raising and training a diabetic alert dog. Second, you can share her campaign with literally anybody. E-mail, word of mouth, facebook, twitter, anyway you want!

Much love to all of you. And thank you in advance for your support.

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