Friday, November 14, 2014

Celebrate Abayudaya (Ugandan Jewish) Culture Shabbat at "World Shabbat," @TBE November 21

On November 21, we'll be starting a new series of special Friday evening events.  We're calling them "World Shabbats," as we focus on the culture - and especially the music - of Jewish communities around the world.  Next week we're going about as far flung as you can get - the Jewish community of Uganda, the Abayudaya Jews. To get a sneak preview, read about them and see some slide shows, including this musical slide presentation.   Incidentally, Cantor Fishman has already introduced us to one of the Ugandan melodies, for Lecha Dodi.  Listen to it here (or click below) - and share the link with all your friends, so they can hear why we are so excited about the music she is bringing us.

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