Monday, November 15, 2021

TBE Adult B'nai Mitzvah: Video, Photos and Chat Texts


Zoom Video

Thank you to Carol Battin for many of the photos - Others taken after shabbat from screen grabs

Chat Texts:

09:55:18 From  Stan Friedman : The pdf of the service:

The pdf of the Torah and haftarah portion:

The B’nai Mitzvah booklet, which contains personal statements, poetry, special readings, divray Torah and the order of the service
10:03:11 From  Brad and Marie Sarnell : Can someone repost the links? We showed up after they were posted.
10:03:22 From  Pamela Tinkham : I didn’t get the links either. Thanks!
10:04:32 From  TBE Sanctuary : The pdf of the service:

The pdf of the Torah and haftarah portion:

The B’nai Mitzvah booklet, which contains personal statements, poetry, special readings, divray Torah and the order of the service

10:07:52 From  scott and amy ashe : Mazel tov to our good friend, Barbara Rothstein and to all her fellow honorees.
10:17:34 From  Pinchas Gross : Mazal Tov to all the Bna'i and B'not Mitzzah!
10:18:51 From  Pinchas Gross : Special Mazal Tov to our dear friend and neighbor, Barbara Rothstein!
10:19:33 From  Amanda Geffner : Mazel tov to our wonderful honorees xoxo
10:20:59 From  Steven Rothstein : Mazel Tov to everyone!
10:21:17 From  Steven Rothstein : From the Rothsteins and Galperins
10:23:09 From  Mara Hammerman : Mazal Tov to this amazing group!!
10:24:03 From  Marcy Rosenbaum : Mazal
10:24:19 From  Leilah Siegel : Congratulations to all from Chicago!
10:24:23 From  Claire Heyison : Howdy from Austin, Texas!
10:24:30 From  Cathy Sacks : Cathy Sacks tuning in from Cape Cod.  Mazel too to all!
10:24:31 From  Claire Heyison : And Mazal Tov, Mom! <3
10:24:40 From  Pamela Tinkham : Mazel Tov everyone!
10:24:44 From  Amanda Geffner : Mazel Tov Leslie! And Toda Raba for all you do!
10:24:47 From  Stephen Wertheim : Cleveland
10:24:48 From  Brad and Marie Sarnell : Mazel Tov to everyone, and particularly to Melody Bryant, from Albuquerque NM
10:25:12 From  Evan Jules Brahm, Dr : Montreal
10:25:21 From  Cynthia's iPad : Mazeltov darling Saffron and everyone.  From London
10:25:35 From  Howard Schwartz : Mazel tov from Olney, MD
10:25:58 From  Jessica : Mazel tov to Paula and all the others from Sarasota Florida
10:26:03 From  J Harris : From Little Rock, Arkansas!
10:27:32 From  sam   to   TBE Sanctuary(Direct Message) : Mazel Tov to Juli and her classmates!  -Mark and Sam
10:29:44 From  Mara Hammerman : Amazing job, Leslie!!!
10:30:42 From  Amanda Geffner : Yasha Koach!
10:30:54 From  Rhonda Ginsberg : Great job Leslie. Mazal tov to you and the rest of your class.
10:31:07 From  Marcy Rosenbaum : Marcy and Barry send mazel tov from Miami FL
10:31:41 From  Marjorie  Wiener : neighbor from New Haven, CT
10:31:58 From  TBE Sanctuary : The pdf of the Torah and haftarah portion:
10:32:03 From  Claire Heyison : Yasher kochech!
10:32:20 From  TBE Sanctuary : The B’nai Mitzvah booklet, which contains personal statements, poetry, special readings, divray Torah and the order of the service
10:33:39 From  Eileen Rosner : I am so very proud of all of you.  With you in spirit and on zoom.  Mazel Tov
10:34:16 From  Linda Peters : To my dear friend, Barbara Rothstein, and your fellow classmates, congratulations! Well done!
10:34:30 From  Pamela Tinkham : I’m so honored and proud of all of you! Yasher Koach! Xoxo
10:36:05 From  Brian Cone : Mazal tov to Barbara Rothstein and all the B’nai Mitzvah from Richmond, VA!
10:36:09 From  Phyllis Hoffman : Dear Barbara, Mazel tov to you and your entire beautiful family on reaching this important and meaningful milestone in your life. I am so blessed to know you and to call you my friend. You are an inspiration to all who know you.
10:36:26 From  Mara Hammerman : Yasher Koach Hope! Beautiful!!! XOXO
10:36:52 From  Pamela Tinkham : Yasher Koach Hope!!!!!!
10:36:57 From  Amanda Geffner : Yasher Kochech, Hope! Very moving and lovely
10:37:02 From  Leilah Siegel : Beautiful job, Hope!!!
10:39:43 From  Mia Weinstein : Maze Tov to all of you incredible women!
10:42:17 From  Amanda Geffner : Yasha koach, mazel tov!
10:42:29 From  Pamela Tinkham : Yasher Koach!
10:46:01 From  Rhonda Ginsberg : yasher koach Leslie.
10:46:06 From  Amanda Geffner : Mazal Tov, Leslie :) xoxo
10:46:18 From  Elisa Recht Marlin : Yasher Koach, Leslie!
10:46:23 From  Caila Heyison : Mazel Tov Aunt Leslie!
10:46:27 From  Pamela Tinkham : Mazel Tov - all of you worked so hard to get here!!!!!!
10:47:33 From  Amanda Geffner : All of you: Hope, Saffron, Leslie -- beautiful leyning! And Rabbi, too :)
10:48:22 From  Pamela Tinkham : YES! All of you and Rabbi and Cantor too!!!!
10:49:16 From  Evan Englander (he/him/his) : Tov! Tov ma ode!
10:49:21 From  Amanda Geffner : Yasher koyach, Paula!!
10:49:28 From  Alli Green : Mazal tov mom!!!!
10:49:28 From  Ronni Englander : TOV!!!! GO AUNT PAULA!!!!!
10:49:52 From  Ronni Englander : Mazel Tov💜
10:49:57 From  Mara Hammerman : Mazel Tov Paula! Beautifully done!!!!
10:50:19 From  Rhonda Ginsberg : yasher koach Paula
10:51:42 From  Amanda Geffner : Mazel Tov, Melody!!!
10:52:04 From  Brad and Marie Sarnell : Mazel Tov, Mom!!!
10:53:48 From  Debra : So proud of my wonderful cousin, Barbara
10:54:58 From  Amanda Geffner : Wonderful, Barbara! Yasher Koyach
10:55:22 From  Phyllis Hoffman : All I can say is Bravo!!!
10:55:26 From  Joel Cone : To Barbara and Classmates:  Y'shar Kochachem - May your strength be righteous - Love, Charna & Joel
10:55:38 From  Evan Englander (he/him/his) : OHIO!
10:55:50 From  Elisa Recht Marlin : Pittsburgh!
10:55:55 From  Samuel Ginsburg : Pullman, wa
10:55:56 From  Alli Green : California!
10:56:05 From  Evan Englander (he/him/his) : @Samuel Go Cougs!
10:56:13 From  lindaenglander : Alli is in Washington State … Seattle
10:56:14 From  Howard Schwartz : Mazel tov, Barbara!
10:56:46 From  Linda Peters : "A Mazel and a tov," Barbara, from Syracuse!
10:58:04 From  Steven Rothstein : To Barbara, we are proud of your accomplishment and love you very much!  Mazel Tov to everyone!  - The Rothsteins and the Galperins
10:58:32 From  Amanda Geffner : Mazal Tov, Juli!!
10:58:49 From  Marjorie  Wiener : Mazel Tov Leslie.  We are so proud of this accomplishment.
10:58:57 From  Mara Hammerman : So proud of you, Juli!!
10:59:59 From  rita’s iPad : Makel Top to everyone!  Barbara so proud of you.  WH
11:01:19 From  Scott Sekuler  : Mazel Tov to wonderful Juli and all of the Bnai Mitzvah!
11:01:38 From  Eileen Rosner : Brian How far you have come since your first Aliyah at morning minyan!! Yasher Koach
11:02:28 From  rita’s iPad : Barbara, what a great accomplishment! Rita and Steve
11:02:39 From  Amanda Geffner : Mazel Tov, Brian! Great to see you represent :) Yasher Koyach!
11:03:07 From  Mara Hammerman : Amazing job, Brian! So very proud of you!!!!
11:03:20 From  Pamela Tinkham : Brian, you did it! Yasher Koach from Jeff and Pam! Xoxo
11:04:11 From  Leilah Siegel : Great job, Brian!  So proud of you :)
11:05:08 From  Mia Weinstein : Mazel tov Brian!
11:06:07 From  Amanda Geffner : Yasher Koyach, Fran! Mazel tov to the Ginsbergs!!
11:06:21 From  Samuel Ginsburg : Lucy says Mazel Tov, Grandma!
11:06:58 From  Alli Green : Mazal tov, Fran!
11:07:02 From  Lori : Mazel Tov Frannie!
11:07:03 From  Evan Jules Brahm, Dr : Mazel Tov, Fran
11:07:08 From  Mara Hammerman : Mazel Tov, Fran!!!!!!!!
11:07:35 From  Dawn : Mazel Tov Fran!!
11:08:11 From  Eli's iPad : Mazel Tov Fran.
11:08:13 From  david : mazel tov!
11:09:29 From  Amanda Geffner : Yasher Koyach, Cantor Katie; what a beautiful event!
11:10:19 From  lindaenglander : Woman have always held the torch in our customs and traditions. Even when we couldn’t go on the Bima or read from the torah directly!
11:11:51 From  Marc Suntup : Barbara, we are so proud of you.  Mazel Tov to all.
11:12:02 From  Marcy Rosenbaum : Showering all of you with sweetness
11:12:16 From  lindaenglander : Mazel Tov & Yasha Koach to all of you but especially to my Big Sister Paula Green!!! So proud of you! AND ALL OF THE B’NAI MITZVAHS today! Linda & Rob
11:13:47 From  Susan Leiterstein : From the Jersey Shore the Leitersteins send Mazel Tov to Fran! We are so proud. Love you!
11:15:14 From  Stephen Wertheim : Your Cleveland Family is so proud of you, Fran. Mazel too!
11:15:18 From  Pamela Tinkham : Yasher Koach from South Florida!  Everyone is doing an amazing job! We are proud of you!
11:16:32 From  Phyllis Hoffman : Yasher Koach Barbara. That was beautiful. You were amazing.
11:19:20 From  Marc Suntup : Mazel Tov to Barbara and all who made today special from Evelyn Polay.
11:23:04 From  lindaenglander : Yeah Puda!! Love Ina
11:23:38 From  lindaenglander : But can’t see you, why doesnt everyone move down!!!!
11:24:17 From  Diane's phone : Mazel Tov Juli!
11:24:34 From  Jessica : Well done Paula! You have established a very high standard for Nate, Freddy and Charlie to meet.
11:25:14 From  lindaenglander : Well said Aunt Jessie!!
11:25:32 From  lindaenglander : THANK YOU RABBI!
11:27:08 From  lindaenglander : Yeah Josh!!!
11:28:20 From  Stacey Minskoff : Mazel Tov to al the B’nei Mitvah!!!!!!!!!
11:28:42 From  Stephen Wertheim : Mazel Tov to all the B’nai Mitzvot and their families!
11:28:50 From  Marcy Rosenbaum : Jacob Livovich
11:28:53 From  Stacey Minskoff : So proud of all of you!
11:28:55 From  Eileen Rosner : NB SR DR HW PW MP DM LH BS
11:29:09 From  Pinchas Gross : Ariel ben Eliyahu
11:31:14 From  Stacey Minskoff : Way to go Leslie, Fran & Julie!
11:49:39 From  Juli Harris : Love to all of my fellow B'nai Mitzvah participants... 3 years and we did it!!
12:17:32 From  jay : Mazel Tov to all from Eileen and Fed Springer and Maxine and Jay Freilich. Sending love from Florida.
12:20:01 From  Gila Shoshana : M A Z E L   T O V to the B
12:20:12 From  Gila Shoshana : ‘not Class of 2021
12:21:05 From  Elisa Recht Marlin : Mazel Tov to All!
12:21:25 From  jay : Yasher Koach Paula

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