Sunday, February 27, 2022

Meet and Greet Service for Cantor Kaplan; Prayers for Ukraine - Feb. 25, 2022: Video, Photos and Chat


19:08:43              From Pamela Tinkham : Judith said it so well.  We love and adore you Cantor Katie!

19:10:17              From Susan Schneiderman : Thank you, Judy, for so generously sharing Canto Katie with the rest of  Great to be here, Cantor.  Looking forward to making beautiful music with you!

19:12:50              From Lisa Raider : We feel very blessed to have you as our cantor and I love working and learning with you. Thank you.  🙏💗🙏

19:13:53              From Juli Harris & Scott Sekuler : We love ️ you Katie! Thank you for bringing your beautiful voice and your spirit to TBE!

19:15:37              From alvin siegartel : So grateful to have you as our Cantor  and look forward to being together soon!

19:16:55              From carol krim : Love hearing your beautiful voice and seeing your sweet face. Thank you

19:16:56              From Donna Wolff : Cantor Katie, I love this melody for this prayer! Thank you for all you do!

19:18:05              From carol krim : Mazel tov to George and Phylis on their 56th wedding anniversary.

19:18:53              From A R I : What a great way to start Shabbat. You brighten the evening and what a wonderful voice

19:21:16              From Judy Schneiderman : Cantor Katie. You bring beautiful music and a sense of calm to our Services.  It makes me feel as though no matter what is going on in this crazy world, all will turn out OK.

19:22:13              From Caroline Temlock Teichman : Thank you for all you do! Looking forward to choir-ing with you!

19:25:44              From susansplutzer : An official WELCOME and Yasher Koach to our gorgeous, CHERISHED, deeply spiritual CANTOR Katie!!! XOXO We are SO BLESSED to have you joining Josh at the helm! Shabbat Shalom and deep GRATITUDE to you both! 🕊🥰

19:26:39              From Barbara R : Welcome Cantor Katie - you bring so much joy to our services and with everything you do.

19:29:25              From Sue Frieden’s iPad : Thank you Cantor Katie for your warm words and beautiful voice! We a re very fortunate!

19:33:50              From Sue Frieden’s iPad : Happy Anniversary Phyllis and George It is great to “see “you

19:33:53              From Eileen Rosner : Cantor Kaplan, Thank you for another beautiful service. Looking forward to many more and to an amazing Cantor’s Concert  ahead.🌷

19:38:22              From Marsha Matthews : Cantor Katie…During these sad and stressful times, your beautiful voice and spirituality is truly “a bridge over troubled waters”…Thank you.

19:38:51              From Debby Goldberg : jack and I look forward to having your participation at our upcoming simcha! You bring such warmth and ruah to all services of which you are a part. shabbat shalom!

19:39:55              From Sharon & Jeff Turshen : Thank you Cantor Katie for the beautiful music and spirituality you bring to our temple.

19:41:05              From carl weinberg : Cantor, even on screen the power of your spirituality shines through!

19:41:36              From A R I : The services you lead bring much comfort to me at these sad and stressful times

19:42:48              From susansplutzer : What a GORGEOUS song and prayer, Katie!!! 🕊

19:43:38              From Julie Rosenberg : Hahskiveinu is my absolute favorite. Thank you, Cantor Katie, for singing it so beautifully each week.

19:44:24              From susansplutzer : Me, too, Julie! 🙏

19:48:27              From alvin siegartel : Heartwarming to daven with Cantor Katie and Rabbi Hammerman and our TBE family!!!!!

19:50:27              From A R I : Where have you been all these years?

19:50:32              From Eileen Rosner : Why Stamford?

19:50:35              From A R I : you brighten our services

19:50:52              From Ben and Robyn Winarsky : What is your favorite song?

19:50:56              From Jake Lederman : Beautiful evening Canter!

19:51:18              From Jon & Melody Bryant : Thank you for the beautiful service!

19:52:33              From A R I : What led you to becoming a cantor

19:52:34              From susansplutzer : I remember meeting you at the JCC when you first showed up on the scene before you had children, Katie!! ;-) SO happy to have witnessed your evolution, maturity and generous heart! Xoxo

19:53:27              From alvin siegartel : What is your favorite dessert?  Give us a head's up so we can have it at our first coming together in person.

19:53:41              From A R I : Happy belated birthday

19:54:09              From Arthur Laichtman : Thank you Cantor Kaplan; we are fortunate to have you as our Cantor.  Thank you to Rabbi Hammerman as well of course.  We appreciate the leadership and counsel you both provide our community.  Shabbat Shalom all.

19:54:31              From Pamela Tinkham : When were you a world champion equestrian?

19:54:44              From Amanda G : Katie, I am SO glad you have come into my life/our lives! Your beautiful voice and musicianship, your beautiful, kind and caring soul have helped so much through these times. You help us all feel welcome. xoxo

19:55:36              From karen : Did you own your own horses?  Morgans?  Do you still ride?

19:57:04              From alvin siegartel : Cantor Katie, you can count on your TBE  Family, as well!

19:57:15              From Judy Schneiderman : Katie, I can't thank you enough for this beautiful & moving Service.  You are delightful,

19:57:25              From Pinchas Gross : Thank you, Cantor Katie, for bringing so much passion and warmth to our service! Lucky to get to know you and have you as our cantor!

19:57:44              From A R I : yay, more Rabbi and Cantor

19:58:30              From Eric Kaplan : What was Veronica’s favorite instrument?

19:58:36              From A R I : patience

19:59:29              From A R I : some turtles live for a century

20:00:00              From Susan Schneiderman : I think I'm responsible for the large dog.....again.

20:00:59              From susansplutzer : My son, Alex, had a red-eared slider, but he donated it to the Long Ridge School, so we don’t know how long he lived….musta’ been your Oboe!  :-D

20:04:16              From susansplutzer : What part of VT, Katie?

20:07:43              From susansplutzer : What’s Hunt Seat?

20:10:03              From A R I : Zadies?

20:10:07              From alvin siegartel : Cantor Katie...You are a Renaissance Woman xoxoxo

20:10:34              From Amanda G : Every day's a holiday with Katie :)

20:10:37              From A R I : TBE is so lucky to have you

20:11:49              From Rabbi Gerry L. Ginsburg : Truly inspiring Katie.

20:12:27              From Juli Harris & Scott Sekuler : Great job, Ethan!

20:12:45              From alvin siegartel : Yasher Koach,  Ethan!

20:16:51              From Judy Schneiderman : Rabbi & Cantor...Thank you so much for this wonderful Service!!

20:17:09              From A R I : yasher koach

20:17:25              From susansplutzer : Shabbat Shalom to our ENTIRE Beth El Community!

20:17:49              From Shoshanah : Loved being here to meet & greet you, our friend, Cantor, Choir leader, who leads us with your outstanding voice and spirituality.

20:18:35              From Shoshanah : Mazel Tov to Phyllis and George…

20:18:47              From Caryl Ferber Poser : Shabbat Shalom! Thanks for a wonderful service! Happy Anniversary Phyllis and George!

20:20:24              From Susan Schneiderman : Shabbat Shalom.  What a lovely, uplifting service.  Thank you Rabbi and Cantor.  Wonderful meeting and greeting you again, Katie!

20:20:42              From Judith Aronin  To  Rabbi Joshua Hammerman(privately) : SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL THANK YOU HUGZ & HUGZ & EVEN MORE HUGZ FOR SUCH A WONDROUS SHABBAT !!! with my love !!!!! judy

20:21:09              From karengault-welt : Shabbat Shalom to Everyone.  Thank you Cantor Katie!

20:24:26              From Scott Krowitz : Cantor, thanks for a lovely service and so glad you felt all the warmth and love being directed to you from all of us.  Shabbat shalom and hope your family continues your birthday celebration (hint Eric).

20:25:52              From Karen Resnick : Another great song! We are singing! Thanks for a wonderful eventing.. Shabbat Sholom

20:26:24              From Friend of Brenda's : Many thanks for a lovely Shabbat service. Nice to join you! Thanks, Brenda, for sharing Leila Tov, from West Chester, PA!

20:29:07              From Eric Kaplan : Shabbat Shalom

20:29:19              From Meira Rosenberg : That was beautiful. Shabbat Shalom Everyone!

20:29:37              From Lael Shapiro : Shabbat Shalom!

20:30:01              From Arthur Laichtman : Shabbat Shalom


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