Friday, February 20, 2009

Coping With Stress During Hard Economic Times

This Shabbat Shekalim (see the entry below to see why this is an appropriate Shabbat to be discussing matters economic), with the economy continuing to confound, we'll devote some time at services to the spiritual side of coping with the stress. For a number of weeks, we've had seminars and networking sessions here giving all kinds of practical advice - now we look to augment that with some wisdom from our sources, with learning, meditation and prayer.

Some of the sources I'll be using are accessible on the web, from the Jewish Healing Center and the JBFCS (Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services). They have put together an invaluable collection of Jewish spiritual resources to assist Jews in the current economic crisis.

Also see this interview with Elie Wiesel that appeared in the USA Today this week. A victim yet again (this time wiped out by Madoff), our greatest living hero once again is demonstrating an unbelievable ability to rebuild his life. Granted, one cannot compare Wiesel's current victimization with his prior one, the Shoah, but to lose one's charitable life work in one staggering blow, at the hands of a fellow Jew whom he trusted, is no small loss.

Join us on Shabbat morning for a time of solidarity, healing, discussion and prayer. This will be a Shabbat Shekalim in every respect. Please invite your friends as well.

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