Friday, August 28, 2009

Mitzvah Heroes

"Mitzvah" will be a prime theme of ours this coming year and the UJC has initiated an interesting search for a Mitzvah Hero of the Year. I guess one could call this reality show, "American Idol Smasher."
Click here for a list of all 613 mitzvot. Look it over and then think of one you might want to call your own. I'd love for each of us to develop a "signature mitzvah," and this UJC project might give you some ideas. Maybe you've even got a hero to nominate.

Every now and then, we meet people who are truly making a difference in our community — a woman who’s counseling children undergoing cancer treatment, a college student who works with the homeless, or a teacher who’s helping severely developmentally disabled kids. The list can be virtually endless.

But now we want to recognize these dedicated people through the Jewish Community Heroes project, a national program that’s honoring people dedicated to tikkun olam, repairing the world. If there’s someone you know who’s making a difference in the New York area, nominate them to be named the Jewish Community Hero of the Year for the chance to win national recognition for their work and $25,000 to invest in their program.

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arnie draiman said...

excellent! and don't forget danny siegel's mitzvah heroes at: and - the man who started it all!

arnie draiman