Friday, November 20, 2009

G-dcast for Toldot

Parshat Toldot from

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Warning from the creators of G-Dcast, This episode used Midrash, which is interpretation of biblical stories that can "fill in the gaps" about Torah text. We don't generally use midrash in this series, and wanted to make sure you realized that it's at play this week in the storytelling, when Y-Love talks about Rebecca's difficult pregnancy and about Esau's character. Also, our animation functions as a sort of midrash - it's very, er, cartoonish - some would say, over the top!
Bottom line: We encourage you to pick up a copy of the Torah (or use an online source) and read parshat Toldot for yourself. Compare and contrast the simple text with Y-Love's midrashically inflected G-dcast and see what you think for yourself about the story, the characters, and its meaning.

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