Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Search of Peace (Israel 21c)

In the wake of the Gaza flotilla raid, the world's press may now be focusing exclusively on the seemingly unsolvable battle between the Arabs and the Jews, but peacemakers all over the region continue to work quietly towards a better future.

Find out more in our stories below from Israel 21c:

Israeli and Jordanian women, in business, for peace An Israeli-American academic has initiated a program that may both advance disadvantaged women from Israel and Jordan and build peace among nations.

Anyone for tennis? The Israel Tennis Center hopes to produce a professional, top caliber, mixed Jewish-Arab team that will represent Israel in prestigious international tournaments.

The economic reality of coexistence Despite economic hardships, Jewish and Arab youth will continue their rare ongoing dialogue, promises the staff at the Givat Haviva Center for Peace.

Galilee moms come together for peace [Video] For a group of Jewish, Christian, Druse and Moslem mothers living in Israel's Galilee region, peace starts in the home.

To dignify diversity The Merchavim Institute works to educate Israeli society by training Arab and Jewish teachers to pass on to their students a sensitivity to diversity.

Ten top Israeli business ventures that inspire peace in the Middle East Peace in the Middle East may seem elusive, but Jews and Arabs across Israel are working hard to create bridges though business. ISRAEL21c brings you a list of Israel's top ten coexistence business ventures.

Swinging from the coexistence trapeze Just one day "at the circus" leads to remarkable changes in the way Israeli Jewish, Muslim and Christian high school students relate to each other.

Giving voice to peace [Video] A Jaffa youth choir that combines the voices of Jewish and Arabs girls isn't just sharing its message of coexistence, it's practicing it out loud.

Incubating peace with Israel's Arab sector A flagship incubator in Israel is helping to create coexistence while ensuring that Muslim and Christian Israeli Arabs develop expertise in biotech and the life sciences.

Giving birth to peace A group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives are working together to ensure that pregnant mothers in Israel and the Palestinian territories have safe and natural births.

Israelis and Jordanians unite for emergency preparedness A regional emergency response team of Jordanians and Israelis is forging collaboration that could save lives and contribute to real peace between the two peoples.

Ushering Israel's Arabs into the global village An Israeli billionaire businessman with a social conscience is building a technology park in an Israeli Arab city, hoping to develop the residents' entrepreneurial spirit.

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