Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TBE Israel Adventure: Up North

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TBE Israel Adventure #3

Today we went rafting on the Jordan River (no photos unfortunately), then headed for TBE traditional stops: the Naot Mordechai sandal outlet and the beautiful city of Safed. You can see above some of our women, all decked out in their "shmatehs" as we visited the Ha-Ari synagogue (Ashkenazi), one of Safed's many sacred spots. Tonight we returned to our Kibbutz on the northern tip of the country and, following a delicious dinner, learned about Kibbutz life.

Tomorrow is our final day of what has been an unforgettable trip.

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2010 TBE Israel Adventure 2

and hear and see the rushing waters at Tel Dan by clicking below:

From 2010 TBE Israel Adventure 2

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