Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dershowitz and J - Street's Ben Ami: Round Two

Time to begin prepping for the upcoming conversation we'll be hosting on Oct 7, featuring Alan Dershowitz and J-Street's Jeremy Ben Ami.

The two have already debated once, at the 92nd St Y, and this summer had a heated exchange in writing. See from JTA:

Op-Ed: J Street’s McCarthyism
By Alan Dershowitz · July 21, 2010
Alan Dershowitz says that J Street is showing its colors by falsely implying that he opposes a Palestinian state and supports settlements. Read more »

and the response...

Op-Ed: Making the case for ‘Yes’
By Jeremy Ben-Ami · July 25, 2010 Alan Dershowitz-style advocacy cements his position as part of the “Chorus of No” that is working hard to frighten American policymakers and politicians from speaking out on Middle East issues, the head of J Street writes in response to a Dershowitz Op-Ed.. Read more »

If you are planning on being here on Oct. 7, and who isn't, get here early!

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