Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hanukkah Gifts from Near and Far

Hanukkah is less than a month away! I just checked out our TBE Sisterhood Gift Shop and they are LOADED with great gift items. Make sure to make this your first stop for Hanukkah shopping. You can also shop at our own TBE gift shop online.

If you are looking for an additional source for gifts that is also a mitzvah, a number of our congregants have visited Jerusalem's "Lifeline for the Old" on our TBE Israel trips. Check out their online gift shop to order beautiful craft items for Hanukkah. Yad LaKashish, as it is called in Hebrew, gives more than 300 of Jerusalem's needy elderly and disabled a sense of purpose and self-worth through creative work opportunities, essential support services and a warm community environment. And the crafts are beautiful.

The photo below is of myself and a man whom I met at Yad L'Kashish, who, it turns out, had been my woodworking instructor at Camp Ramah in New England over 40 years ago. It was miraculous to make that connection. I still have the olive wood candlesticks that I made. And, no, they are not for sale in our gift shop!

Below that, see a couple of other photos taken this past summer at Yad LaKashish.

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