Friday, November 26, 2010

Israeli TV Accessible to Americans

GOOD NEWS - The Israeli Network now has English subtitles for many of its programs. This will allow the most popular Israeli TV programs to be accessible to those who are not proficient at Hebrew - it's also a great way to learn some Hebrew and really connect to Israel. The channel has been available for some time via the DISH Network, but the other piece of good news is that they are now expanding to local cable systems. Cablevision already has an extensive international lineup, so it would seem a natural to include the Israeli Network. Imagine being able to watch Israel's top newscasts every day, along with top comedy, drama and children's programming, with English translation. This could go a long way toward helping Americans (Jews and non-Jews) see what is really going on over there. Check the Israeli Network's new website and then contact Cablevision and ask for it! The number is 203-348-9211. Also, email me at if you would like your name included in a petition I'll be sending Cablevision to bring The Israeli Network to our area.

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