Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TBE Shorashim Nursery School: The First Day

History was made today, as we opened our doors for the very first time to a "twos" class in our new Shorashim Nursery School. "Shorashim" means roots, and the roots of this early childhood endeavor go way back, to the beginnings of a congregation built on the principles of serving people of all ages, from "womb to tomb" as we say - and representing the very best of what the Jewish tradition has to offer. We love children - all children, and now we'll be able to share that love each and every day.

When our wonderful early childhood director Ronnie Brockman happened to show up a little early for her first class, lo and behold she was the tenth person at services, making a minyan, especially important for several people saying Kaddish. When we say"full service from womb to tomb, we mean it! We added a "Shehechianu" prayer at the end of the service for this historic day.

As for the photo above, I had a great time and am considering enrolling in the program! My specialty is blocks.

Truth be told, everything I need to know about being a rabbi I learned in Nursery School. So now I'll get to learn it again.

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