Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Over 60 Purim Videos

Jacob Richman has collected over 60 Purim YouTube videos. You can find them here, including this year's extras:
Raise Your Mask Purim - The Fountainheads
Eva Longoria Learns About Purim
Shalom Sesame: Purim Story
Purim 2011 - Promo for Megillah Mia The ABBA Spiel

Happy Purim!

Here is the Shalom Sesame version of the Purim story. It's a child-friendly version, where no one gets killed. Haman simply wants to "send the Jews away." While cleaned up for kids, the use of the euphamism is almost eerie in the echoes of Holocaust era euphamisms intended to clean up (or,"disinfect") the details.

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