Sunday, March 20, 2011

Purim 2011

What a Purim it's been! "Purim For Adults" last night, complete with Scotch tasting and a blessing for the moon (Kiddush Levana) at the end as we gazed at the largest moon in 18 years, the so-called Super Moon (see photo above, taken from the Beth El parking lot by Sheldon Katz). Then, today, our star-studded Purim Spiel (Purim Play) featuring Cantor Mordechai as Haman, Steve Lander as Mordechai, Mara as Vashti and that classic scene stealer, Al Treidel as Queen Esther, followed by our best-in-town and best-ever Purim Carnival. Thanks to our youth group and all our volunteers for a great job! Click below to see "lots" of pictures from this Feast of Lots. See also Steve Labkoff's album at Happy Purim!

2011 Purim

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