Friday, March 9, 2012

Passover Guides and Seder Supplements

-- Click here for the downloadable 2012 Rabbinical Assembly Passover Guide.
-- Click here for my "Passover Preparations Guide to the Perplexed"
-- And here for the 2012 Sale of Hametz form 
-- And here for Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner's Seder supplementm chock full of those silly songs and explanations everyone loves.

Here are some other downloadable thematic Seder supplements 

From the Religious Action Center of the Reform Movement:
Invisible: The Story of Modern Slavery, A Social Justice HaggadahWhat you make of liberation - that is the trick. Can you, unshackled, set someone else free? Religious Action Center.

A Common Road to FreedomA Common Road to Freedom Haggadah
Black-Jewish Haggadah, rich in songs, ancient & contemporary writing and reflections by Jewish & African American leaders. Religious Action Center.

LGBTQ haggadahLGBTQ HaggadahMixing traditiona dn progressive elements to create a uniquely Queer experience for all. Human Rights Council & the Gay & Lesbian Outreach & Engagement of DC.

Hunger SederHunger Seder HaggadahLet All Who are Hungry Come and Eat: A Seder Dedicated to Hunger Awareness and Activism. Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Earth Seder HaggadahEarth Seder HaggadahFreedom Seder for the Earth: Facing the Plagues & Pharaohs of our Generation. The Shalom Center.

Israel-Palestinian Peace Seder
Passover of Peace HaggadahA Seder for the Children of Abraham, Hagar & Sarah: An Organizing Tool for Israeli-Palestinian Peace-Making. The Shalom Center.

Save Darfur HaggadahIn Search of Freedom HaggadahA Passover Seder for Darfur. Save Darfur Coalition, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, American Jewish World Service & Tents of Hope.

Pesah in Cancun—An utterly brilliant retelling of the Exodus by dancing sillouhettes!

A wonderful quick matzah baking film

Here’s an upbeat and ajzzy explanation of the seder plate

From JewishBoston
Also see some ideas for adding drama , funny songs to sing at your Seder, and Hillel's  plethora of supplements for everything from modern slavery, to feminism to the righteous gentiles.

From the American Jewish World Service:

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