Friday, January 11, 2013

Jerusalem of White

This week's record storms left Jerusalem coated in white, and sent Israelis of all backgrounds out into the streets to celebrate.  They also brought their cameras, as you can see below.  Snow coats the grimy pavement of conflict with a glowing veneer of tranquility,  which, unfortunately, soon melts away.  Let's hope this melting does not portend cloudier skies on the political horizon.  The bottom photo, of a snow woman wearing a Women of Wall tallit, tells an interesting tale.  As the snow fell, the barriers for women to bring tallitot into the Western Wall plaza also drifted away. Even the snow itself was able to wear a tallit.  And lots of people posed for photos along side.  A nice way to enter the new month of Shevat, which begins this Shabbat.

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