Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why I am going to the "March for Change"

Below is a letter from a Beth El congregant, imploring us to attend the March for Change - and bring our children - and to get further involved in this important cause. Thank you to Francie for writing it! 

Dear Fellow TBE Congregants,

My son Joshua and I attended the TBE Teens event, “Getting Clear” on Guns featuring Lisa Labella from CT Guns Against Violence and our own Robert Lesser, who helped to inform everyone about what it takes to come together and show support when trying to affect change.  Change is what we need.  Change in the current gun laws.  But without a strong show of support, those laws will go unchanged. Across the Country, there is momentum building like never before in the effort to bring about tighter gun laws regarding registration, background checks, ownership and most importantly, accountability. We are all witnessing this momentum every day…in the news, in grassroots organizations, in community demonstrations and online sites…to keep this issue front and center until change happens.  This momentum is especially strong and critical for these gun laws to change right here in Connecticut.  To make this happen, as Uncle Sam says, “We Need You!”

On Feb. 14th, from 11AM-1PM at the State Capitol in Hartford, there will be an important event…March for Change.  By joining with Connecticut Against Gun Violence on February 14th, we will show our solidarity as we appeal to our legislators to change the gun laws.  There are twelve school buses which will stop at multiple locations across lower Fairfield County to take us to March for Change. The cost is $26.00 per person round trip.  The site to reserve seats is

Everyone is asked to wear green to honor the victims that have forced this nation into action.  Please share this information with everyone you know and consider bringing your children that day to give them a real life example of what can happen when everyone comes together to bring about change…from the heart.  I personally couldn't think of a more important lesson to share with Joshua. 

Francie Leader

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