Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Peace in our Cities: Rabbis Against Gun Violence"

"Peace in our Cities: Rabbis Against Gun Violence"
is now available on AmazonI'm proud to be a contributor to this timely collection of essays, designed to have an impact on the current national and state-wide conversation.

Foreword by Rabbi Jill Jacobs
Introduction by Pastor Michael McBride
Afterword by Teny Oded Gross
Edited by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

The prophet Jeremiah told the weary and heart-broken exiles of Jerusalem that they should “seek the peace of the city.” Rabbis, along with faith leaders of every tradition, teach that a broken society is one in which we fail to take care of others. This book asks some very hard questions of America in the midst of a Gun Violence epidemic, and presents a passionate, hopeful, healing response to a moment of national pain and fragility. The rabbis in this collection ask: How many innocent deaths will it take for our elected officials to respond with moral conviction? How long must America wait to acknowledge that we lose 30+ American lives to Gun Violence every day, scarring our national life? How many tears must be shed? Learn, connect, and be inspired with the voices of today's rabbinic leaders. 

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FOREWORD: Violence, Jews, and Justice
Rabbi Jill Jacobs

INTRODUCTION: Seek the Peace of the City: The Moral Mandate FOR Gun Control

Pastor Michael McBride

I live on a quiet tree-lined street
Rabbi Shalom Bochner

Becoming Actors
Rabbi Nina Mandel

A Prophetic Response to Gun Violence
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

The Name on the Bullet

Rabbi Jack Moline

Unnecessary Danger: A Reflection on Guns, Violence and Personal Safety
Rabbi Aaron Alexander

Answer Our Prayers: Remarks at the National Cathedral Gun Violence Vigil

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld

On the Sandy Hook School Tragedy
Rabbi Sam Weintraub

You Shall Not Murder

Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin

The Blood of the Children Cries Out From the Ground!
Rabbi Gary S. Creditor

Guns and Moses

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

For Their Shoes
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Waking Up: Gun Violence & Inequality

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann

How Long Will We Stand By?
Rabbi David Baum

Gun Owners: Who Will Stand Up and Say, 'Enough?!"
Rabbi Aaron Alexander and Rabbi Ronit Tsadok

It is Time to Put a Stop to This!
Rabbi Jack Riemer

The Weapon's Shame: A Case for Gun Control in Jewish Law
Rabbi Ari Hart

Are they His Adornments? On Gund and Masculinity
Rabbi Aryeh Cohen

Newtown and New Orleans, Oak Creek and Oakland
Rabbi Amy Eilberg

When God Cries
Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky

God Full of Mercy
Rabbi Ben Goldstein

The Ten Commandments and Gun Violence
Rabbi David Kaiman


Teny Oded Gross

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