Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vintage TBE Videos - Installation, Rabin Memorial and Mel Allen Funeral

To mark my 25th year at TBE, I've uploaded some vintage video of some major events that have taken place during my time here.  

Below you will find video from the community gathering that followed the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin in November, 1995.  Due to the heroic efforts of UJF exec Sheila Romanowitz,  all the community rabbis participated and, just one evening after the horrible tragedy occurred, over 800 turned out.  The video includes Shalom TV coverage along with other news programs from that week, including an ABC Nightline Town Meeting that took place in Israel that week (you can find the remainder of it on my YouTube page.

Beneath those two videos are four from my installation as Senior Rabbi on Sept. 11, 1992.  Little did we know at the time how significant that date would become nearly a decade later. Toward the middle and end of the program, you'll see lots of cameos of congregants young and old, including lots of  faces familiar to many of us. There were presentations by tots, b'nai mitzvah, teens, choirs, my uncle Cantor Saul Hammerman, and speeches by Rabbi Goldman, Hazzan Rabinowitz, Rabbi Mark Golub, Rev. Brenda Stiers, all MCed by committee chair and past president Alan Kalter.  It was a real celebration of the congregation, more than of a rabbi, as a major milestone was reached. It seems like only yesterday.  Enjoy!

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