Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hammerman on Ethics: The Complete Collection

For a couple of years I wrote an ethics column for the Jewish Week.  This week, my Intro to Judaism class is studying ethics.  So here is a list of the questions and links for their - and your - convenience.  Click on the heading to see the entire answer.


12/09/2011 JEWISH WEEK ONLINE COLUMNIST Hammerman on Ethics
Q: It’s that time of year, when everyone everywhere is saying “Merry Christmas” to me, even people who know that I am Jewish.  Should I simply smile and repeat the greeting or politely correct the greeter and say, “I’m sorry, I don’t observe Christmas.”
12/02/2011 JEWISH WEEK ONLINE COLUMNIST Hammerman on Ethics
Q: During the holiday season, I keep hearing how important it is for our fragile economy that we buy, buy, buy.  If it is patriotic to buy impulsively and consume conspicuously, is it also good?
A:   Patriotic: yes.  Good…not so much.
11/18/2011 JEWISH WEEK ONLINE COLUMNIST Hammerman on Ethics
Q:  I’ve heard that turkey may actually not be kosher. Is that true?
A:   From a halachic/ethical standpoint, it is 100% kosher.  Or not. 
11/10/2011 JEWISH WEEK ONLINE COLUMNIST Hammerman on Ethics

Q: When I daven, I am tempted to ask God for help improving my difficult financial situation. But I always feel this is wrong since so many other people are in worse circumstances involving their health, safety and even worse financial conditions, whereas I at least have a job and a healthy family. Is it unethical to ask God for more money, or should I just be grateful for all the good things I have?
11/04/2011 JEWISH WEEK ONLINE COLUMNIST Hammerman on Ethics
Q - Was it ethical to kill Muammar Kaddafy and Osama bin Laden on the spot, apparently in cold blood, rather than arrest them and bring them to trial? Didn’t it work for Iraq to try Saddam Hussein?
A – Yes, it was ethical to kill them right then and there.
10/27/2011 JEWISH WEEK ONLINE COLUMNIST Hammerman on Ethics

Q – Given the recent Ohio tragedy involving a private zoo, in which dozens of exotic animals were killed, I was wondering whether it is ethical to have such zoos in the first place.

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