Tuesday, June 4, 2024

1970s Jewish Trivia Quiz

Several years back, I came up with this '70s Jewish Trivia Quiz as part of a '70's Night at a synagogue Shabbaton.  I must admit, it's my all-time favorite decade, a time when Israel could still win wars, international basketball championships and song festivals -  and rescue helpless hostages - and American Presidents could proclaim "I am not a crook," but still be forced from office.  There's one question in there for my Stamford congregants.  Otherwise, this is for everyone who ever thought a Pet Rock was cool.  Check out these questions and see how well you do!


1) c; 2) c (his last season was 1966); 3) a (but I would have loved to see d); 4) b; 5) a; 6) d; 7) a; 8) c; 9) a; 10) d; 11) c; 12) 2; 13) a; 14) d; 15) e; 16) c; 17) d;  18) a ("Who is a Jew" really became a top-line controversy in the '80s, with tensions in Israel and the US Reform movements adoption of patrilineal descent); 19) d; 20) b

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