Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shabbaton 2009

We just returned from an extraordinary Shabbaton at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center. About 70 of us were there, including most of our 5th, 6th and 7th graders, along with parents, teen volunteers, teachers and other staff. Special thanks to Darice Bailer, who coordinated the whole thing, with lots of help from our Board of Ed and Al Treidel; to Rabbi Ed Harwitz, our special guest, who entertained and enlightened all ages, and to all who attended for making this a Shabbat to remember. Among the many highlights was the sight of several 6th graders reading Torah for the first time, having just learned how in their trope class. We played lots of games, sang, prayed (in totally out-of-the-box ways), relaxed, talked, ate, ate and, well, ate. I heard a rumor that some people may have slept too. The facilities were lovely and the snow covered view was peaceful pristine. At the end of Shabbat, Dan Young took some photos of the group - a sampling is below. More will be uploaded to our TBE website in the near future.

Click on the photos to enlarge. Enjoy!

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