Friday, August 20, 2010

Elul: Daily Inspiration for a Month of Turning

See this site for Rabbi Judith Abrams' wisdom-filled quote-of-the-day on the intricacies of the process of Teshuvah (return /repentance). One example:

What Are the Criteria by Which God Will Judge Your Life?

Raba said, When one is led in for Judgment he is asked,
1. Did you deal faithfully [i.e., with integrity]?
2. Did you fix times for learning?
3. Did you engage in procreation?
4. Did you hope for salvation?
5. Did you engage in the dialectics of wisdom?
6. Did you understand one thing from another?(B. Shabbat 30b-31a).

Another good site for Elul is Jewels of Elul - a daily dose of inspiration, with this year's theme: Starting Over. Even Lady Gaga chimes in.

Today's quote (for Elul 10) comes from boxer Yuri Foreman:

Elul 10
In The Ring
Yuri Foreman

No matter how many fights I have under my belt, each and every fight is a new challenge and a new beginning.

Before each fight, I go through the same fears and emotions in the dressing room. What if I lose? What if I didn't train hard enough? Why do I have to go through this again?

12 rounds, 3 minutes each round.

I try to conquer my opponent and myself. Round after round I hope that I move forward, closer to my goal.

Victory it is! I realize that G-d blessed me again with success and inner strength.

Win or lose the fight never ends. In the ring or outside the ring. Sometimes we find ourselves in tough situations. Sometimes life hits us so hard that we find ourselves lying on our backs.
In those moments we must find every bit of our energy to get back on our feet and continue the “fight,” and turn around what seems to be an end, into a new beginning.

Yuri Foreman, born in Belarus, is a an Israeli professional boxer.

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