Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Must Reading: Zero Hour Approaches With Iran?

Must reading: the Atlantic's long cover story by Jeffrey Goldberg, The Point of No Return. Goldberg has extensive understanding of Iranian nuclear situation and of how the Obama and Netanyahu governments are likely to respond. His portrayal of Netanyahu is especially interesting - and relevant. See also the follow-up stories,
What the White House Really Thinks About Bombing Iran,
Attacking Iran: The Last Thing the U.S. Administration Wants to Do and Obama Bombing Iran? Don't Be Surprised. It's all summarized in Monday Round-Up: How Fast Is This Clock Ticking?

Goldberg surmises that the odds are greater than 50-50 that Iran's nuclear centers will be attacked before next Spring.

Also see the Jewish Week's response, On Iran, Five Minutes To Midnight

Despite today's reports that the Americans have convinced the Israelis that Iran's nuclear threat is not imminent, I'm not convinced that these prouncements are any more accurate than prior proclamations. Stay tuned.

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