Thursday, October 7, 2010

10/10/10 - Noah and Climate Change

This Sunday, 10/10/10, has been declared a "Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions." The Top Ideas thus far for 10/10/10 Events:

#1 Organize a Tree Planting
#2 Go Solar
#3 Work on a Community Garden or an Organic Farm
#4 Go For a Bike Ride
#5 Harness the Wind
#6 Get Efficient
#7 Do a trash cleanup
See more examples at

This weekend coincides with arguably our most environmentally-oriented portion, Noah. You don't see massive flooding and Rainbow Covenants all the time, after all. For more info on how the portion ties into this theme, see a collection of resources.

Also see, from Canfei Nesharim (an Israeli environmental organization) The Rainbow Covenant: Establishing a Relationship with the Earth, Study and Discussion Guide (PDF) Watch a video about Torah and climate change
Statement on Climate Change and the Parshat Noach Sustainability Project

Also, you can download and listen to the full rabbinic conversation with Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Rabbi Naphtali Weisz, Rabbi Daniel Swartz, Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Keiner, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Rabbi Ethan Linden and more...

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