Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CAMERA vs. the New York Times and "60 Minutes"


New York Times Plays Blame Game on Negotiations Impasse
Direct peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been frozen, and replaced with debate over which side is to blame for the impasse. The Palestinians insist Israel's settlement policy is the reason for the derailment of talks. Israel responds that, unlike the Palestinians, it wants direct talks to resume immediately, and that the issue of settlements, like other areas of dispute, can only be solved by way of peace talks. Meanwhile, the New York Times, which is expected to report this news in an impartial manner, has instead become a participant in the blame game.

The problem isn't so much that the Times isn't impartial, which CAMERA demonstrates convincingly (also with regard to the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and most significantly, CBS' "60 Minutes'" recent report on Jerusalem), the point is that many Jews (and of course others) buy this and do not read CAMERA's rebuttals. The ratings for that "60 Minutes" program were among the highest for the week. So simply to say it's biased and incorrect isn't enough. We also need to address those aspects of the report that have validity - if we are to maintain our own credibility as advocates for Israel.

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