Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Top Five Jewish Things about "Glee"

Yesterday's Bat Mitzvah, Emily K, spoke in her speech glowingly about the hit show "Glee," all of which prompted me to explore what's Jewish about this show. With the help of some recent articles and especially my son Dan, here's what I came up with:

TOP FIVE Jewish things about GLEE: (not including the added bonus, any show that features Idina Menzel is all right by me!)

1) Glee ties in to your portion in another way. One of the Jewish characters is named NOAH – Noah Puckerman. Puckerman sounds like ARK-erman.

2) The episode when Rachel and Puck started dating. It’s because they want to date Jews. Then Puck and his mom watch Schindler’s List.

3) In one episode, the kids suggest that Rachel move to Israel. In the same episode, her guidance counselor, Emma, suggested that Rachel talk to her rabbi, but SADLY, Rachel said she’s not comfortable talking to Rabbi Goldberg about that matter.

4) There’s a character named Jacob ben Israel. He has a Jew-fro. What’s ironic is that in the bible, Jacob’s other name IS Israel!

5) Last but not least… Their doing a religious episode this Tuesday: Rachel is singing “Papa Can You Hear Me.” – Rachel seems to like Barbara Streisand songs. Barbara is her biggest inspiration. He middle name is BARBARA. Rachel BARBARA Berry. (I’m ferklempt!) and she sang the PERFECT song for this portion (of Noah) “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl.

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