Thursday, September 27, 2012

Six Word Jewish Memoirs

On Yom Kippur, I challenged congregants to come up with Six Word Memoirs during their meditative moments, as a way of getting in touch with their Jewish selves in a deeper way - of rebooting their Jewish identities.  I recommend this site  as a good resource for ideas.  Here are some that were offered by congregants here (the list will keep expanding, so email me yours!)

I came
       I saw
             I converted

Working on bringing my neshama forward

                            I’m never satisfied

Going to shul is very cool!

Kvetching and noodging  are growth hormones.

We get Chinese food for Christmas

This is the brisket you married

Waiter to woman, is anything okay?

One issue, three Jews, five opinions

         children's ruach
         drowns out
         Shoah dirges

Still searching after all these years

Everyday, in everyway, I am healthy. 


Here are some of my favorites that I've spotted online:

“Didn’t get Seinfeld ’til met in-laws.”
“I kvetch. And therefore, I am.”
“Catholic in Jewish neighborhood: double guilt.”
“Moved to Israel. Rest is history.”
Jewish dad, not mom. No guilt here. 
“Yes, we can drink chocolate milk.” 
Ten summers at camps in Wisconsin. 
Grandpa said Richard Nixon saved Israel. 
Maybe we should have proselytized some.
God said 'Go.' 'Stop' He forgot. 
Cousin Pauly dead, excessive sour cream. 
Pogroms, pogroms and more pogroms. 
God likes us. We don't. 
Yeshivah banned trick-or-treating. Left after Kindergarten. 
You're really wearing that to synagogue? 
Little boy, now a dad. Oy! 
Post-Rosh Hashanah with Cantor Dad: Cheeseburgers. 
Family spends meals discussing other meals
A pronounced weakness for smoked fish
Stuck in the desert, messiah AWOL. 
Knishes, yes. Kishka? No so much. 
Wasnt expecting to miss Hebrew school
Food is basically love to me.
I worry if I don’t worry
Chicken is central to the story
Everything with us is a question: why?
Had bar mitzvah- still not man
We are not a concise people
In cahoots – optometrists and Talmud publishers
Half jewish  half Italian – totally stuffed

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