Friday, June 28, 2013

Remembering Elders Day

I had the opportunity to speak about aging at an Atria panel discussion this week, and it reminded me of the Elders Day services we had here for a number of years, inspired by Jack and Claire Steinberg (Jack currently lives at Atria).  In preparation for the presentation, I dug up some of the Elders Day booklets and wanted to share a couple of them with you.  They are fascinating, both in how they explain and lay out  the Jewish value of honoring elders and how they feature both the elders and the children of TBE.  Most of our Hebrew School students participated in this project, in many cases writing about their own grandparents.  These kids are adults today, many still in our community, and it's nice to look back, and think about how these values expressed here have helped them to become fine, upstanding members of our community, and in many cases parents of children who are also learning those same values.  From generation to generation, Elders Day at TBE:

Click here for the first Elders Day booklet from 1995

Click here for the 1997 Elders Day booklet, honoring Jack and Mollie Malin

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