Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shabbat Conversations: Parsha, Prayer and Purpose

Join us for these special Learners’ Shabbats, where a key theme of contemporary Jewish life is wedded to both the portion of the week and a prayer from the liturgy. Together we’ll be weaving connections between ancient words and living souls.

January 11: Between Song, Sea and Sap:  Spirituality and Flow (Portion: Beshallach, Shabbat Shira; Prayer: Mi Chamocha)

January 25:  Commandment and Choice:  How should post modern Jews relate to 

Jewish law?  (Portion: Mishpatim; Prayer: Ahava Rabbah)

Feb. 1:  Love and Loneliness:  Why 1 is not the loneliest number (Portion: Terumah; Prayer:  Sh’ma) 

March 1: Getting to Grateful:  Developing an attitude of gratitude (Portion Vayikra ; Prayer: Morning Blessings)

March 15: Unity and Payback:  Is revenge ever a good thing? (Portion: Zachor; Prayer: Alenu)

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