Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shabbat-O-Gram for November 29

Time for a quickie-O-Gram on this Black Friday...

Psst...So have the relatives left yet?  

I hope not, so you can bring them to services tonight at 7:30! Cantor Fishman and I look forward to welcoming friends and family members, and in particular students who have come home from their wanderings (let them know that we'll get them out in time to meet up with their friends afterwards!).  Plus, you can help us perform the mitzvah of "hachnasat orchim," welcoming guests who are visiting our community (one person from out of state came to minyan today, for instance, to say Kaddish).

Family harmony is a huge part of this holiday, as well as this week's perfectly timed portion of Vayishlach. You might be able to relate to the following articles:

Whether or not the gang has left, join us on Shabbat morning for a discussion of  some Jewish sources in regards to this important topic. You can preview it by downloading our Vayishlach Parsha Packet.

And while you are waiting in line today, you can peruse a prior Parsha Packet (for last week's portion) on impulse buying and Black Friday.

Also see last week's Bat Mitzvah d'var Torah by Carly Fein.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

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