Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ben Evans Recalls Kristallnacht on its 80th Anniversary Nov. 9, 2018

TBE Congregant Ben Evans helped us to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht on Friday night by sharing his own recollections of that fateful night, as a ten year old living in Germany. We were honored by the presence of his family, including a number of grandchildren who had never heard this story told in such detail before. Ben was fortunate to escape Germany after Kristallnacht and make it to the US, thanks to an accident of birth - his father and grandfather had been born in Russia, not Germany or Poland, and US quotas on Soviet Jews were less strict at the time (since so few got out). He was, in a real sense, “grandfathered in.” The Q and A is cut off on the archived livestream that I took this from, but you get Ben’s full story in this audio excerpt.

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