Sunday, April 17, 2022

TBE Zoom Seder 2022


Screen Grabs:

Chat Texts: 

18:47:56 From Pamela Tinkham : I have no idea.
18:48:05 From Debbie Eisenstein : don’t spill
18:48:07 From JMaxner (she/her) : not sure
18:48:08 From Lisa Tannebaum : do not spill/
18:48:14 From Karen Gartner : depends on your table cloth
18:48:18 From Amanda G : Spill
18:48:30 From Pamela Tinkham : Depends on your table cloth LOL!
18:48:32 From Cantor Katie Kaplan (she/her) : Eric says, depends on the wine LOL
18:48:49 From Pamela Tinkham : Depends on the wine! LOL
18:48:50 From Amanda G : Get it over with sooner than later
18:48:55 From Debby Goldberg : we dip and put on a paper plate during 10 plagues
18:48:58 From Amanda G : It’s inevitable anyway
18:49:00 From Eli Becker : true
18:49:05 From Stan Friedman : I don't think   to spill wine to make to make guests more comfortable
18:49:05 From Carol Battin : Accidental spills are welcomed
18:49:08 From : It’s Okay ! :-)
18:49:14 From Stephen & Gail : If you spill it is a reminder of your seder, but it is a waste of food, so both.
18:52:37 From Amanda G : I like to look at it as service
18:52:43 From Amanda G : Not about royalty
18:52:54 From Cantor Katie Kaplan (she/her) : It can be a sign of respect to wash someone else’s hand and feet.
18:52:54 From Lisa Tannebaum : it’s a nice idea but I think we should wash our own hands
18:53:05 From : I think it’s wonderful for people your loved ones to pour water  over our hands with love.
18:53:17 From Sherry Marlowe : maybe everyone even royal should take turns washing each others hands
18:53:24 From Eli Becker : It’s definitely true, false is too over exaggerated
18:54:33 From Lisa Tannebaum : can I wash your hands and feet after you take a shower?
18:55:02 From Eli Becker : Hu
18:55:58 From Debby Goldberg : yes
18:56:11 From Eli Becker : it’s definitely true because always express yourself
18:56:16 From Stephen & Gail : These questions are very thoughtful to ponder.
18:56:16 From Cantor Katie Kaplan (she/her) : Yes, in the words of “Free to be You and Me,” “it’s alright to cry, crying gets the sad out of you.  Raindrops from your eyes, it might make you feel better.”
18:56:17 From Kerrin Behrend : Freedom !
18:56:20 From ,lewis, joyce eileen : crying is  a release
18:56:37 From Lisa Tannebaum : tonight we should feel the freedom to cry or not!
18:59:38 From Kerrin Behrend : Enjoying the moment now
19:00:05 From : Enjoy and Live now. .Feel Blessed now for what you have.
19:00:17 From ,lewis, joyce eileen : some of each  There should be a balance
19:00:20 From Debby Goldberg : i agree
19:07:20 From Stan Friedman : Great job to cantor's children
19:08:05 From Lisa Tannebaum : yes wonderful job…so sweet and soothing
19:08:43 From Cantor Katie Kaplan (she/her) : Thank you, they say!
19:13:39 From roslynnesin : We changed to inquisitive child, skeptical child, the uninformed child and the young child
19:16:00 From Raymond Becker : nice commitment to education
19:29:48 From Debby Goldberg : our tradtion was to not lick the wine off - my mom would say 'dont do that, itll bring bad thinds
19:30:04 From Debby Goldberg : oops things
19:30:38 From Cantor Katie Kaplan (she/her) : Debby, ours was the same.
19:36:56 From Kerrin Behrend : True. Slowly but surely
19:37:06 From Pamela Tinkham : Always gratitude.
19:37:22 From Stan Friedman : Both are true,  It becomes situational
19:37:50 From Sherry Marlowe : i think we should always say thank you when there is something to be thankful for...not wait til everything is "perfect" which will never happen
19:39:08 From Raymond Becker : 4 MATZAH- one for UkraINIAN jews
19:43:35 From Raymond Becker : the Russians have destroyed Babi Yar
19:45:20 From ,lewis, joyce eileen : my family
19:46:18 From Stan Friedman : That's beautiful
19:49:52 From Pamela Tinkham  To  Rabbi Joshua Hammerman(privately) : I think Debbie Goldberg wants to show something.
19:54:27 From Karen Gartner : our custom has been that everyone at the table pours some water from their water glass to fill miriamscup
19:56:24 From Karen Gartner : s she brought water to the people in the desert we give to her
20:00:34 From Kerrin Behrend : Thank you Rabbi and Cantor
20:01:12 From JMaxner (she/her) : Thanks Cantor and Rabbi
20:01:19 From Michael Kellick : Thank you for a memorable and informative seder !
20:01:22 From Lisa Tannebaum : thank you for having this Seder… best wishes to all…Happy Passover
20:01:29 From Karen Gartner : Todah Rabbah!
20:01:33 From Stephen & Gail : So special for having a TBE virtual Seder.
20:01:34 From Sherry Marlowe : thanks very much, it was so nice!
20:01:45 From ,lewis, joyce eileen : Hag Samael and Shabbat shalom  Thank you
20:01:46 From Eric Kaplan : It was so nice sharing this seder with everyone.
20:01:49 From J Harris : So glad I can connect with my community while away in California. Beautiful Seder! Thanks Cantor and Rabbi, loved this!
20:02:01 From Debby Goldberg : chag sameach and shabbat shalom everyone
20:02:03 From Karen Gartner : a delight to be with you all!
20:02:17 From Karen Gartner : Chag Pesach Sameach
20:02:19 From Stan Friedman : Thank you to Cantor and Rabbi, chag sameach to all
20:02:34 From Marsha Matthews : Thank you, thank you, thank you!
20:02:42 From Elka : Thank you
20:02:43 From Eric Kaplan : Chag pesach sameach
20:02:44 From Raymond Becker : baruch habayim thank you rabbi
20:02:46 From Stephen & Gail : Hag Sameach & Shabbat Shalom
20:03:44 From Raymond Becker : luv you happy pesach

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