Wednesday, November 1, 2023

In This Moment: Mapping the Massacre; The Real Israel; Giving Back a Diploma


In This Moment

Combat deaths announced today...

The Real Israel

Click on the boxes below (or here) and watch this short video. This is the real Israel - the Israel we know is there, that anyone who has been there has experienced, and that can be there again. And this is what Judaism, Islam and Christianity are truly all about.

October 7th Geo-visualization Project

strives to provide a comprehensive representation of the atrocities committed by Hamas on that day. This interactive map serves as a reflection and an educational tool, promoting awareness of the gravity of the horrors. It also features profiles of victims. Click on the map to activate.

The Home Front:

Antisemitism on Campus

Nobody can win a war like this':

Jewish students reflect on Israeli-Hamas war

In this fuzzier CNN video discussing incidents on campuses in Georgia, Linda Rezak's granddaughter Maya, who is vice president of Hillel at Emory, is the 1st one interviewed.

The discovery of swastikas at a Stamford school gave the current worldwide spate of antisemitic attacks a local edge. Just today another one has been discovered at Rippowam Middle School. The public schools have proactively reached out to rabbis to involve us in conversations about how to make our schools safer spaces for Jewish children. I will be in attendance.

Meanwhile, TBE's Carol Battin shared with me a letter written by her son Philip Mayer to the president of UPenn. Click on it for a full-size pdf. And beneath that, see the moral fight at the University of California play out to define Hamas's actions as "terrorist."

Tweet du Jour

Thursday's Israel Headlines

The Jerusalem Post

Ha'aretz (English)

Yediot Achronot

Recommended Reading

  • Why Israel is fast losing the public relations war (Jonathan Sarna, TOI) - Far from being a “small” terrorist group dwelling among many “innocent” civilians, Hamas actually depends upon tens of thousands of ordinary Gazans who assist it. Just as the Nazi mass murderers depended upon large numbers of local enablers, so too its counterparts in Hamas. In both cases, the enablers subsequently feigned innocence and ignorance. Such claims, however, strain credulity.

  • DAY 26 OF THE GAZA WAR: IDF Suffers Casualties as Rocket Attacks Decrease, Economic Concerns Mount (Marc Schulman) The US media has learned nothing this past week. Last night, all the major media outlets pushed a notification asserting Israel killed scores of civilians in the Gazan Jabaya refugee camp. Over the course of the night, these veteran, widely respected news organizations each began to fact-check and correct the story, but the damage had already been done. Most people will never read the story, they just take in the notifications that flood their screens. The actual facts are captured in these tweets from within Gaza.
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