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In This Moment: We Are Not Alone


In This Moment

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Now we're learning what's really been going on in Gaza

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We Are Not Alone

Jewish Communities in Distress

In New York

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters calling for the elimination of the Jewish state stormed Grand Central Terminal Friday night, furiously banging and kicking at a locked entrance of the station that was forced to temporarily close over the rowdy demonstration.


Members of Montreal's Jewish community say they will not be intimidated into closing the doors to their establishments after a day school in the city's west end was struck by gunfire overnight for the second time in the past four days. 

Bullet impact marks were found on the facade of Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal, located on Deacon Road in the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood, Sunday morning. Shell casings were also found on the ground nearby. No one was injured.


The Sunday Telegraph splashes on the prime minister's remarks that both "far-right thugs" and "Hamas sympathizers" disrespected the nation's heroes on Armistice Day.


Synagogue’s president and rabbi say police, security team told worshipers to leave mid-service; clashes between Palestinian supporters, pro-Israel demonstrators erupt hours later

We Are Not Alone:

Our Interfaith Community Comes Together

I was asked by a congregant whether it would be more important for her to attend the solidarity march in Washington on Tuesday or our local interfaith vigil that evening at 7. I said that while both are important, Washington will be historic and there are multiple reasons to want a huge crowd there: to list the spirits of Israelis, to keep the hostages front and center on the world's agenda, and as a show of strength and unity in the face of inordinate pressure from Hamas's supporters.

What we're increasingly seeing is an axis of Russia, China and Iran trying desperately to carry Hamas over the finish line. But for much of the world, the support of Hamas is not full-throated, and we are beginning to see some differentiating of the Palestinian cause from the horrific tactics of Oct. 7, as more of Hamas's cruelty, in Israel and in Gaza, is slowly being uncovered. Even Turkish President Erdoğan distanced himself from Oct. 7. A show of strength on Tuesday in Washington will encourage Congress and President Biden to resume their full throated support of Israel in its campaign to dismantle Hamas.

I believe the tide is starting to turn in Israel's favor. This could change very quickly, but did you see that 180,000 rallied to support Israel in Paris today? A big turnout in D.C. will add to that momentum.

Still, there is much reason to be at our Interfaith Vigil if you are not in Washington. From a local perspective, this interfaith moment is very important, but for reasons that you might not expect. What it is not going to be is a shiva call for the Jewish community. We already had that. Instead, this is a chance for all faith communities to stand together, for hope, healing and mutual love, recognizing the unique pain of Israel right now, while also acknowledging the pain of others. Not just innocent Palestinians, but also Armenians, Nigerians, Ukrainians and so many others facing devastation.

There are two different remedies for our pain. One is to rally around our fellow Jews and rediscover what we've always shared. And another is to reach out beyond our pain to help others transcend theirs.

On Tuesday we'll be doing both.

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Recommended Reading

  • The lonely people of history | Yossi Klein Halevi (TOI) - But for all the complexity of the Palestinian-Israeli tragedy, this is not a complicated moment. No, we patiently explain, the massacre was not in response to anything Israel does but to what Israel is. And yes, the suffering of innocent Gazans deserves the world’s urgent humanitarian attention, but not at the expense of moral clarity about the justness of this war.
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