Tuesday, November 14, 2023

TBE at the Israel March in Washington

TBE at the Israel March

Thanks to all contributors, 
especially ace photographers 
Julie Rosenberg, Carol Krim, Pinchas Gross, 
Sue Shapiro, Rachel Friedman, Vivian Goldberg and Beverly Stein

Reflections from Beverly Stein:

We were at the Washington DC March to Free Soviet Jews in 1986 and we were there today. It is powerful to participate in the political process and to be among Jews from all over.

We spoke to people from all over the country and Canada. We had no idea if they were religious or secular, Democrat or Republican. What mattered was we were all there in support of Israel, to remind the world of the hostages and to stand against antisemitism. 


Reflections from Sue Shapiro

It was an amazing day! Weather was beautiful and it was wonderful to take part and see so many young people participating. They displayed so much ruach and were so excited to be there. The speakers shared personal stories and tragedies. I heard two chants all afternoon, send them home and hi ho hi ho Hamas must go! I know we’re in for the long haul, but we must all stand up and support Israel however we can!



Reflections from TBE young adult Sarah Goldberg:

Today I gathered with 290,000 Jews and allies in DC (in addition to 250,000 viewers on livestream) to march for Israel, march to free the 200+ hostages held captive by Hamas terrorists (representing 25 nationalities from 9 months to nearly 90 years old), and to stand against antisemitism. This event is also to remember the 1400 murdered by Hamas on Oct 7 and to ensure that Jewish voices are not silenced. I unapologetically support the existence** of Israel because the question of whether or not Jews should have self-determination in their ancestral homeland is nonnegotiable. Throughout the years, I’ve had to apologize to others for being “too Jewish,” felt bad for “caring too much,” or tried to hide my Jewish beliefs. Today, I’ve never been prouder of my Jewish identity, culture, and people. It shouldn’t be controversial to share the devastation that myself, the Jewish people, and the families have for all those recently murdered/taken hostage by Hamas. Since then, the FBI has also reported a 400% rise in antisemitic incidents. Instead of calling for Israel to ceasefire, call for HAMAS TO SURRENDER and to RELEASE HOSTAGES. NEVER AGAIN IS NOW.

**Keyword EXISTENCE… you can support the existence of a Jewish state without supporting all governmental actions, just like how many disagree with American politicians. You can’t support the self-determination of one people while denying it for another.

From Carol Krim

Dear Rabbi Hammerman,

Once again, I am so appreciative of your writing each and everyday as this crisis continues to unfold all over our world. 

I have two reactions to share…the first is the Harvard video…  Yesterday was magnificent and I was teary through most of it. I was overwhelmed with love for fellow Jews expressing their Jewishness and observing our magnificent young people wear flags and chant together.  The Harvard routine brought me to tears.  It was beyond unbelievable to watch… and watching it again with Allen brought loud sobs. This current ‘political correctness’ has brought us to our lowest standards of human existence and then some.

The second video of the orthodox soldiers davening and dancing bought me overwhelming joy. It was an amazing piece.

The poster of “why I love being jewish” was one of the best posters of the day. I just knew I had to send it. It seems like a perfect art project for any aged person.

The icing on the cake yesterday was running into Diana in the Delaware rest stop. Due to limited cell service yesterday we couldn’t connect but when I texted her from the bathroom asking if she might also be at that stop, she called to say her bus was about to pull out of it. I ran around the building right into her arms! 

Now if The NY Times and NPR could straighten out their priorities we would all be in a better world.


Reflections from Risa Raich

Hi Rabbi,


It took me a few days but I finally found time to write about some of my observations from Tuesday’s March which I was privileged to attend with Jordana and Leah. While many have commented on the event itself, I focused on the route to and from which also had a profound impact. I attached my thoughts. 


Shabbat Shalom!


 Photo by Carol Krim: "On our way."

From Julie Rosenberg:

I took this of the Shapiros before our bus left this morning. I will get more throughout the day. I said Modeh Ani and the Traveler’s Prayer among my own prayers. I will keep you posted and feel your ongoing support of all of us as we navigate the atrocities and the world’s underwhelming response.


From Carol Krim

by Beverly Stein

Photo by Pinchas Gross

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