Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jewels of Elul

Welcome back from your summer journeys and begin a very different journey down the home stretch to the New Year. This weekend we begin the month of Elul, and we will hear the shofar's sound each morning as we begin the necessary process of introspection and "teshuvah."

TBE is an online partner of the Jewels of Elul project, created by musician Craig Taubman (who led a memorable Friday Night Live here several years back). Starting September 1, (1 Elul), 29 dreamers will share stories and inspirations, one a day throughout the month of Elul. This year's collection features a variety of leaders – from Senators McCain and Obama, to Olympic medalist Elka Graham, and philanthropist Lynn Schusterman, among others. Watch for the link on our website or go directly to the Jewels of Elul IV site at www.jewelsofelul.com. You can sign up on their site to receive them in your Inbox, as well.

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