Friday, September 5, 2008

Shofar, So Good (Spiritual Journey on the Web)

So much about the shofar can be seen – and heard – online.

Start as is so often the case, with Wikipedia – at There you’ll find out lots of fascinating tidbits, like why we won’t sound it on Shabbat, which is well explained here.

Also, go to The Shofar Sounder’s Web Page at, click on “Notable Shofars and you’ll see artifacts like a photo of a shofar sounded at the forced labor camp called Skazysko-Kamienna in Poland in 1943.

In the mood for fun? Try out “Shofar Idol” at, an “American Idol” take off. Then go to - Holidays: HowToShofar and then the Jewish Virtual Library’s piece at

Finally, there is a cyber shofar at Hear how it sounds.

So now that we've begun to hear those mysterious siren calls each weekday morning at services, we can also get our fill online of that curious instrument that some say is really the voice of God.

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Michael Chusid said...

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