Friday, May 15, 2009

Sustainable Torah from Josiah Boyer

Here's a homework assignment to do before tomorrow's service. Take a peek at the website created by this week's bar mitzvah, Josiah Boyer, as part of his mitzvah project.

You can find it at

Josiah picks up on the notion of the Sabbatical year as described in his portion, and then gives us a complete primer on the topic of sustainable agriculture, something near and dear to him and his family.

The site contains resources for the understanding of Jewish environmentalism (or as some call it, eco-kashrut) and this portion of Behar, along with donation suggestions, related links and a detailed description of Josiah's science project on "whether seeds planted in soil with more nitrogen grow faster and are healthier than seeds planted in soil with less nitrogen, or no nitrogen at all (if possible)."

Is this a science project or a dissertation? Amazing!

Check it out!

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