Friday, May 22, 2009

When Terror Hits Home

This is a scary world right now, and this week, terror hit very close to home. Not only were two synagogues in Riverdale targeted by terrorists, but, as if that was not close enough, we now learn that they obtained their (bogus) bombs from a warehouse right here in Stamford. I never knew that we had a "Bombs R Us" outlet right in our neighborhood.

I knew we had a Target, but now we need to get used to the idea that we are one.

There is literally no safe place. While the world seems to be acclimating itself to living with a nuclear Iran, Israelis know that such a possibility would be cataclysmic, even if such a weapon were never used. See this story: One in Four Israelis Would Leave if Iran gets Nukes.

It's been easy for us to think of ourselves as being immune to such things, being relatively far from the prime target areas, in a mere suburb. But Stamford is no backwater, and as our reform and Orthodox brethren learned in Riverdale, sometimes a place a bit off the beaten track can be seen as easy pickings by those who don't care about where the lives are taken, as long as they are innocent Jewish lives.

This is not a call for panic but for vigilance. No one should fear coming to services or other events where Jews are present; giving in like that is simply unacceptable. The dangers are minimal but they are there. So by all means, come here to pray, to laugh and celebrate. Now more than ever we need to gather and celebrate the joy of being alive.

No need to panic. But let's keep our ears and eyes open.

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