Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Civility Wars

At this week's Rabbinical Assembly convention in New York, a resolution was passed calling upon people of all political bents to be more civil toward one another. It echoes a resolution recently put forth by the ADL (see Jewish Groups Call for Civility), which was signed by the directors of both the National Jewish Democratic Council, and the Republican Jewish Coalition (although not without some quibbling over the text of the document, especially the term "mean spirited," which was eventually taken out). With the political season clearly underway - did the last one ever end? - the ideals of this statement will surely be put to the test:


We stand together today to call for civility in our national public discourse.

Let our debate on the issues of the moment be thoughtful and reasoned.

Let us look to our elected leaders for leadership, whether or not we support their policies.

Let all of us, across the political spectrum, encourage advocacy that is vigorous and pointed, but not personal or hostile.

We reject appeals to bigotry, racism and prejudice.

We reject calls to violence.

In our national public discourse in 2010, let us cast American democracy in the best possible light.

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