Monday, April 4, 2011

Jewish Education, the Seder and "Race to Nowhere"

How can the Seder save our education system? See this parsha packet for a collection of articles and information about the roles of parent and education system, the film, "Race to Nowhere" and how it all relates to the Passover Seder. (Also see in another posting my reflections on "A Race to Nowhere")

Why is the Seder so educationally sound?

1) It is multi-generational

2) NO TESTING, therefore, no teaching to the test. The lessons are learned through annual repetition and experiential activities.

3) It is done by the family - at home - and not at school. The parents are fully engaged as educators

4) Participation is individualized, according to the needs and abilities of all students (the Four Children)No child is ever left behind.

5) Through dramatic reenactments and visual aids (seder plate and those plagues bags), the lesson comes alive. We are THERE 6

) Food - 'Nuff said

7) It is decidedly low-tech. No distractions

8) A little wine can't hurt - but all is done in moderation

9) Games and rewards - bribery is a good thing. 1

0) Time Management skills are taught. It's a long lesson but you have to finish eating by midnight.

11) Music always helps. S

ee the packet for more details.

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