Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seder Supplements on Israel and Jewish Peoplehood

Here are some more ways to enhance your seder with supplementary readings.

Jewish Boston has published a "Holocaust Haggadah Supplement." You can download it here

See AIPAC's Haggadah supplement here, featuring stories highlighting the strong connection between America and Israel.

The Jewish Federations have put out a new "Haggadah of Hope" with links to a large number of source mateirals and recipes

J Street has put together a Passover Seder Supplement called "Ma Nishtana? A New Generation of Voices at the Table," encouraging participants to share thoughts and questions about peace, freedom, Israel, and the future of our community. J Street’s Seder Supplement includes everything you need to open up the conversation on Israel at your seder: quotes from ancient rabbis and young leaders, discussion questions, and suggestions for taking action. Download J Street’s Passover Seder Supplement: Online viewable version Printable version (select double-sided and flip on short-edge).

Masorti has put out "4 Ways to Connect your Seder to Israel" at http://www.masortiworld.org/4ways

Rabbis for Human Rights has put out these haggadah supplements;

Read about the drive to rescue Ethiopian Jews at http://www.stljewishlight.com/news/local/article_525fb6bc-5562-11e0-a96b-001cc4c03286.html

Passover and Human Rights Interfaith Perspectives Haggadah supplement.pdf

Passover, Gaza and Human Rights Haggadah supplement.pdf

Who sits with Us at the Pesach Table Haggadah supplement.doc

Everyone seems to have one - even the Daily Kos has a supplement!

Here's A matzah of Hope for Darfur and the R.A.C.s Passover, Season of Justice

Also see: Rabbi Amy Scheinerman - Egalitarian Haggadah for beginners or families with children

About.com - Complete Hebrew and English Haggadahs

The Velveteen Rabbi - Passover Haggadah

JewishFreeware - Create Your (free) Personal Haggadah

Judaism.com - Digital Haggadah

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman - Egalitarian Haggadah for beginners or families with children

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