Sunday, April 10, 2011

Passover Videos: A Review

Now that you've received that "Google Video" from about a thousand people, here are some more cute and occasionally edgy Passover videos to check.

From the "What's Up Band" and Jonathan Cahr, a year after their hit Haiti benefit concert here that rasied money for a 10,000 gallon water tower that we helped build is still providing potable water to over 3,000 people in what remains a devastated country.

"Just Had Hametz" a very funny takeoff on an SNL video; here Hametz on Passover is seen as a guilty pleasure. Some of the angry comments on the YouTube site indicate that some people seriously need to lighten up - which is very hard to do with a ton of matzah balls making their way through your intestines.

For Hebrew speakers (even non Hebrew speakers will get the idea) - very funny scenario involving an Arab who is in the Hametz purchasing business. And now you can sell hametz on Facebook.

An Aussie "Who Knows One"

Miriam's Story, told by the Jewish Women's Archive

and last but not least, the one that has really been going around - and for good reason. Brilliantly done.

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