Thursday, April 16, 2009

News from Yad Vashem

With Yom Hashoah approaching on Monday night, Yad Vashem’s central theme for Yom Hashoah this year is “Children in the Holocaust.” Click here to read an article highlighting this theme or visit Yad Vashem's Yom Hashoah mini-site including online exhibits and educational resources. Visit, “Children in the Ghetto” an interactive website that portrays life during the Holocaust from the viewpoint of children who lived in the ghetto, while attempting to make the complex experience of ghetto life as accessible as possible to today’s children.

"Unto Every Person There is a Name," a worldwide Holocaust memorial project is now marking its 20th consecutive year. The project is aimed at perpetuating the memory of Shoah victims through public recitation of their names on Yom Hashoah. Click here for lists of Shoah victims’ names for recitation ceremonies or to read the names in this short video and accompanying text, which provides brief biographical information about the victims.

The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names has been enlarged and now contains close to 3.6 million names of Holocaust victims, all of which are accessible online. " The Names Database now contains over 2.15 million Pages of Testimony, about two-thirds of the total number of names in the Database. Tens of thousands of Pages of Testimony were gathered as a result of intensive activity of the Names Recovery campaign in the Russian-speaking sector.

Over 600,000 name occurrences of victims and survivors from archival lists and other documentation were digitized, among them archival documents gathered in Hungary, the former Soviet Union and other areas.

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